So I caught my flight. After spending the night in the hotel and sleeping like a rock, I woke up early and went directly to the airport 3 hours early. I took a $4 taxi to the public bus station and then caught the bus. It was only about $1.25.

The flight was quick. I flew into Atlanta, took a shuttle to my car at the hotel where my parking was reserved and then drove to Greenville, South Carolina where my good friend Zac lives. We’ll be hanging out for a couple days before I head back to Florida to start working again.

It’s a bummer to be heading back home, but this trip has really opened my eyes. I met incredible people, stayed in gorgeous places, took great pictures and created memories that will last the rest of my life.


I’m writing this a couple weeks later…and I can tell you now that I got laid off after getting back to Florida and going back to work. They took my responsibilities and sent them to the India staff. It was a surprise…but I’ve won. I’m situated so well right now for this to happen. I’m not unhappy.

Getting laid off was the best thing to happen to me. I have tons of computer/programming projects lined up now and will be planning my next flight to Mexico to backpack back down to Panama or Nicaragua, or Colombia in a couple months. After the holidays I will be ready to go. I need to buy some essential supplies, plan my gear and organize my finances. Fortunately I have a lot of savings and a good amount of projects to keep me traveling. Working and traveling is the plan.

This Panama trip blew my mind and I can’t ever go back. Fuck yes.