Travel Resources

Here, have some resources. Phone apps, gear, software, advice, light clothing, and more. Here you’ll find my best resources for travelers. I only buy gear that has a lifetime return policy. I don’t like it when my gear breaks down, so I’ll spend more on gear if it means I get a lifetime guarantee.

And quick note, I don’t get paid for anything on this list. Each resource was added for your and my convenience.

Backpacking Gear:

Osprey Backpacks – I own two.

REI Backpacks – I own one.

Marmot Waterproof Jacket – I own one.

Kelty Sleeping Bags – I own one.

Backcountry – I’ve used them more than once.

Columbia Clothing – I own three jackets from them.


MacBook Pro – I use one.

Bose Headphones – I love mine.

Life360 – Helpful for tracking you if your ass gets lost.

Maps.Me – Great for offline maps.

WordPress – Easy for setting up blogs.

Travel Blogs:

I use to read travel blogs. Travel blogging use to be more personal. Now it’s about commercialism. Fuck that. I removed them all. I’m not going to recommend travel blogs to my audience for bloggers that are just trying to sell “the dream” of travel itself. Nope.

Be interesting. Go against the grain. Do something other people can’t do. Write about something worth linking to. Be bold. Be more personal. Share your emotion. Be human.

Just having a nice smile and some cutesy photos isn’t going to cut it. Sorry, not sorry.

If you feel like you wrote about something truly awesome, send me a message and I’ll add you here.