During our team’s 2021 expeditions in Panama, Romain captured some fantastic footage of the Pianista Trail. The videos put you in the shoes of the hiker, so you can see first-hand what the trail is like.

Romain starts at the head of the trail in Boquete, Panama, near the Il Pianista pizza restaurant. His pace is slower than average because he had to be aware of the camera direction and watch his footing as he hiked.

Also, all of Romain’s videos can be found on his YouTube channel.

Hiking El Pianista Trail To The Mirador

Video 1: El Pianista (Entrance – Mirador) Part 1/4

Video 2: El Pianista (Entrance – Mirador) Part 2/4

Video 3: El Pianista (Entrance – Mirador) Part 3/4

Video 4: El Pianista (Entrance – Mirador) Part 4/4

The above four videos show the hike on the El Pianista Trail leading up to the Mirador. The next sequence of videos shows the trail as it continues beyond the Mirador, towards the first Monkey Bridge.

Hiking The Trail Beyond The Mirador

When you watch the videos after the mirador, there’s a few suggested observations: the differences of the trail conditions before and after the mirador, the rivers found after the mirador, and the walls and ledges on each side of the trail.

Video 1: El Pianista, the path after the Mirador – Part 1

Video 2: El Pianista, the path after the Mirador – Part 2

Video 3: El Pianista, the path after the Mirador – Part 3

Note: Romain plans to publish another video (Part 4) of the trail beyond the mirador. We’ll add that video to this page after he’s published it.

For more information about our expedition, please feel free to visit the main expedition article.