Life In El Salvador

In 2018 I moved my life to El Salvador. Living in a developing country with breathtaking beauty has be an incredible experience.

Travel Tips For Central America

There’s a lot to consider when backpacking through Central America. I’ve organized my best tips in one place

5 Countries, 85 Days

In 2017 I backpacked Central America by bus, plane and foot.

Crazy Stories I'll Never Forget

Beautiful islands. Incredible places. Crazy stories.

Disappearance Case Research

Our team is raising money to research the trails where two hikers disappeared in 2014. The mystery of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon was never investigated thoroughly.

Our goal is to map the GPS coordinates of the trails in the region, find cliffs and other dangerous areas, and search for the location of the night photos. This costly trip will provide vital information. Please support us!

Central America News

World News

Backpacker’s Corner

My Gear Guide

My Gear Guide

Check out the gear I’m traveling with in South America. This is a constantly evolving list – I’m always finding better and more efficient options. Read More 

Countries Visited So Far

Meet Chris

Meet Chris

Backpacker & Software Programmer

(Other countries not listed: Unfortunately those trips happened before I started Imperfect Plan)