Recently the government of El Salvador opened the most beautiful new walking park in San Salvador: Cuscatlán Park. El Salvador is changing a lot. Recently it has been hard to keep up with all of the changes happening. The country was behind the times for the past two decades. Now […]

Cuscatlán Park – San Salvador’s Gorgeous New Public Park

El Salvador is known for having some of the best beaches in Central America. The beaches of El Salvador are mostly untouched because the country has a small number of tourists that visit each year. There’s a lot of diversity in the options for beaches too. Some of the beaches […]

3 Best Beaches In El Salvador

The country of El Salvador uses the US Dollar ($, USD) as the national currency. In 2001, the government of El Salvador changed their currency from the El Salvador Colón (SVC) to the United States Dollar. El Salvador country uses Dollars, so visitors to El Salvador should bring US Dollars. […]

The Money El Salvador Uses As It’s Currency (US Dollars)

When I moved to El Salvador a lot of people started asking me what life is like in El Salvador. My friends and family in the United States tend to imagine that it’s like living in the Amazon jungle or living in Mexico, or something between the two. It makes […]

What life is like in El Salvador (My Experience)

The story of Andy Lovos is a very recent story that has evolved over the past week here in El Salvador. For those new to this website, I moved to El Salvador from the United States in 2018 to live with my girlfriend whom is from El Salvador. I only […]

The Complete Story of Andy Lovos in El Salvador

Living in a developing foreign country presents a lot of day-to-day challenges. Resources are limited and unplanned inconveniences often unexpectedly arise. For example, oftentimes there’s simply no public water – the faucet simply doesn’t work at our house. Or, want hot water? Boiling it is sometimes the only option. Need […]

The Dilemma of a Foreigner – Impacting Change