As a backpacker, I’m constantly checking out travel blogs to see what the professionals have to say about places, gear and for general travel advice. I’ve noticed that there are a number of blogs that a frequent, even if accidentally from my Google searches.

Here are the Top 5 that I love:

1. Nomadic Matt

I put Nomadic Matt first because he is the by far the most well known long-term backpacking traveler I’ve read about. His website is awesome, his stories are epic, he’s cool and he’s touched the lives of so many travelers. Before I set off onto my wild backpacking adventures I read his stories. His blog articles helped satisfy my travel addiction until I could actually travel. I’m very greatful to Matt for doing what he loves, writing about it and inspiring me.

2. A Blonde Abroad

I’m not going to lie, I’ve only read some of her stuff. But this girl is cool, hot and entertaining. I dig socializing and The Blonde Abroad is one woman that I would buy some drinks for. Her stories are great and her pictures are beautiful, but who knows…maybe she’s a shallow bitch. Ok, don’t get all Freud on me. All I know is that I like her website, her concept and her curves. Plus her story of leaving corporate America to start traveling the world is pretty cool. The only thing I don’t really like is that she makes it look too easy…come on…most people can’t travel like she does.

3. Young Adventuress

Liz is really cool. She’s this awesome backpacker that is always doing something interesting. She somehow lands these awesome landscape pictures with her perfectly slightly off-center while her blonde hair is slightly blowing in the wind. She’s been to a lot of places and sounds really fun to hang out with no matter where she goes. However, she does one thing that I do not…she backpacks in places where there is snow. Yikes. Call me crazy, but after growing up in New England (near Boston) I would never backpack in the snow. That just sounds miserable. However, I love reading her stories and advice. I especially appreciated her article on how she makes money while traveling. Interesting stuff.

4. Tim Ferris

Although not technically a travel blog, Tim Ferris is the creator of the 4 Hour Work Week which has inspired many travelers and been a huge contributor to the long-term traveling lifestyle. Since writing his first book, he’s come out with like 6 or 7 more. He’s awesome and everybody can learn something from him. He also runs a Podcast which is pretty cool. Check him out.

5. Reddit SoloTravel

Ok, this one is a flop. Reddit Solo Travel is not a blog at all. It’s a collection of conversation topics other travelers are discussing at any given time. I love it though, so it makes the list. Screw the rules, I do what I want! Seriously though, if you haven’t used Reddit, please step into the modern age and give it a spin. You won’t regret it. Reddit Solo Travel is 100% pure golden awesome.

If you don’t like anything on this list, then I’m sorry, you’ll just have to start your own blog.

Thanks for reading!