Not a whole lot happened today. From a “travelers” perspective, I would seem very lazy. But productivity wise, I got a lot done for various people I do work for.

  • I relaxed around the pool while listening to music and working on my blog.
  • I updated my own websites and did backups.
  • I planned out the training courses I am writing for a client.
  • I updated and completed some awesome print material a client needs.
  • I made some requested changes to a client website.
  • I filled out some student loan documents and submitted them online.
  • I paid some bills 🙁
  • I organized my taxes somewhat. I still have 2 months to submit them, but I’m doing it early.
  • I added an extra day onto my stay here.

Tomorrow I plan on traveling to Chichen Itza to see some Mayan Ruins. After that I believe I’ll stay at a hostel in Valledolid, Mexico. That’s a small town that’s nice. It’s not a known destination (I don’t believe) but it’s a perfect stopping point between here and Tulum, Mexico which is what I’m really looking forward to. I hear Tulum has Mayan ruins that go all the way down to the beach. That sounds awesome!