So an unexpected turn of events just happened. My good friend In California just notified me that he landed me a job interview at his company in Caifornia. Since I am an programming and database development professional, they have offered my an interview TOMORROW! I’m only on day 5 into my trip, and this crazy thing happened. So I booked a 6PM flight for $400 and I’m flying as fast as I can to the job interview. It’s exciting.
I’m truly in a win-win situation. If I get the job, I make good money and will have more economic freedom over the next 5 years. If I don’t get the job, then I have a mobile lifestyle to continue traveling. Both sides have their costs and benefits.
I’m sad about pausing my travels, but I don’t think they’re over. The interview process at the company I am meeting with typically takes months. Also, with time, if I get hired, there’s a possibility I can do consulting that will let me continue being a world traveler. ┬áSo I will fly into Sacramento, stay with my friend during round 1 & 2 of the interviews, and then estimate if I can still squeeze in 2-3 weeks more of backpacking. It took my friend 3 months to finally get hired after interviewing at this same company, so if I can manage at least 3 weeks I’ll be happy.
This is very unexpected turn in life. I just got to Mexico 4 days ago, had my 3 month trip ahead of me…and now I’m on a flight back. Ugg, it’s exhausting and exciting all at the same time.
I’ve really wanted to travel for a long time. Life is teasing me. It gave me a taste in Panama, made me hungry for more, I flew into Merida, Mexico and now it’s tempting me with another lifestyle.
I hesitated for only about 30 seconds about this job opportunity. Part of me was frustrated that my trip had just started and now it’s being questioned. But I had to seriously evaluate the potential for future travel to ensure that it will still happen. Here is my
  1. I might not get the job.
  2. If I do get the job, I may still have months before I actually get hired.
  3. If I get the job and start quick, I’m going to make serious $$$ fast to extend my future travels.
  4. I can stay at this job for as long as I want. It looks amazing on my resume and will absolutely lead me into more career opportunities (for travel jobs too!).
So passing up on this would be crazy. It would be like throwing away a winning lottery ticket because it was a long drive to collect the money. Short term loss, long term potential gains.