Traveling from Merida to Tulum took about 6 hours total and cost about $17. I stopped in Valladolid again for 2 hours which was nice. There I bought some shampoo, snacks for the road, filled my water bottles (x2) and listened to local music playing in the square.

The time difference in Tulum and Cancun is an hour different from the rest of the Yucatan which is strange. I’m not really sure why that’s the case, but it made my bus trip seem longer. I lost an hour, so I arrived in Tulum at 11:30 PM.

I didn’t book a hostel in Tulum, which ended up being fine. It was only a 5 minute walk to Rancho Tranquilo where my friend Chris from Austria was staying. I met him in Merida where we hung out for a while with Isabel from Germany, Caroline from Canada, Sonia from Germany and Deejah from the USA.

Racho had no more spare dorm beds, so I walked around the corner to Casa Del Sol and paid 200 pesos ($10US) for a room. I was planning on socializing and grabbing something to eat but I fell asleep within 20 minutes of resting. The bars were really loud around the hostel so it was hard to sleep.

Tomorrow I plan on hanging out more with Chris before he leaves for Austria. Then I will head to DayTrippers hostel where Brandon is hanging out in Tulum. I met him at Valladolid previously.