I got a ton of sleep last night which was great. I was so tired from traveling all day from Merida.

Today I woke up, had breakfast at Hostel Del Sol (spiced eggs and bananas), did some light computer work, met Chris. Bought two tasty tacos for 30 pesos total, walked to DayTrippers hostel and did 5-6 hours of heavy computer work. I also did some banking stuff and paid some bills. Transferring money with Paypal is great, but the 3-5 day wait can be a pain. So I try to plan ahead and transfer money in advance.

Meeting up with Brandon was cool. He’s a good guy, 26, from Seattle and traveling from Tulum in a few days down to Guatemala. So our path is similar, but he’s flying from Cancun to Guatemala City instead of taking a bus. I’m going to take a bus because that will be less expensive, save me a tiny bit of money on Hostels and will give me ample time to improve my blogs and websites.