Stayed At Hostel

Still recovering from Sunburn

Bought 65 pesos worth of sweets, cookies and coffee drinks for energy. For some reason I’m always craving chocolate here in Mexico, where I almost never did in the United States. Maybe I’m burning more calories or maybe I’m lacking some form of nutrition my body is finding in Chocolate or the carbs in the cookie part. I have no idea.

Updated my  blog.

Helped Spela with her travel blog (

Ate italian Pizza which came 2 hours after we ordered it. Nothing is on time in Mexico but it’s cool. If we wanted tacos we would have had them in under 60 seconds.

Cooked Eggs and cheese with onions, beans and tortillas.

Ate Chinese food last night. The meat and veggies were good but the noodles weren’t very good. We basically tossed the noodles in the garbage because the flavor was weird.

Spent the day with Spela (Slovenia), Brandon from Seattle and Cass from San Francisco

Pulled an all-nighter drinking beers and mixed tequila/cran drinks. Spent a lot of time upstairs in the hammocks and on the benches with Špela talking about random stuff.