Today I got up early and went to the beach with Cass.

I was looking for a beard trimmer as my own before we went to the beach because it is near impossible to find one anywhere. I still couldn’t find one, but I found a long grill lighter for the hostel for 30 pesos, which they needed badly because the stove gas spark doesn’t work. The reimbursed me for it later and really appreciated me getting it.

Finally got to the public beach of Tulum and this beach was different than the others I saw before. It was nice? But the bottom was super rocky, and the wind picked up sand a lot more, so it ended up everywhere. The color of the water was beautiful though.

More sugary alcohol drinks at the beach with Cass. Got a buzz.

She swam, I did not this time. I just rested and sun bathed. It was so relaxing.

Got a cab to and from there for 60 pesos to and 80 pesos from.

We all hung out in the Lobby of the Hostel until Špela got off work. By that point there were about 12 people in our group ready to go to the techno show.

I wasn’t going to go to the Cenote party tonight, but I got sucked in by fell travelers and I’m really glad they talked me into it. Unfortunately the entrance fee was $20  (400 pesos) with expensive drinks (50+ pesos) inside but it was worth it for the experience. The DJ was playing German techno music and it really blew my mind. The sounds and energy of the crowd were so cool. There were maybe around 300 people that showed up at the event, but it was enough for us all to feel a good amount of energy. I’ve never been to an outdoor techno music festival, so it was incredible.

Here is the facebook flyer for the Party we went to:

More notes on this tomorrow…