Miserable day. Slept most of it.

Had to cancel my teaching session, which I was really excited for.

Couldn’t eat anything, but was able to drink electrolyte water and keep it down. Pedialyte is surprisingly popular in all areas of Mexico. Maybe it’s because stomach infections are common. It’s common among Mexicans too, which surprised me. I would have thought the locals would build up a tolerance to the bacterias found in the water here. Chio and others tend to only drink bottled water though.

Went to the doctor at 6PM. He prescribed 3 medications, which the most important was the antibiotic. Chio picked up the medications for me, cooked for me and cared for me. She is basically an angel. The doctor cost 100 pesos ($5USD) and the medication cost about 300 pesos. It was surprisingly inexpensive.