Today was a recovery day. I had to take my prescribed medications on time and since my body is still recooperating from being sick I’m always exhausted. I go from hot to freezing cold in minutes and need to keep drinking fluids.

Anyway, Chio is at work. The main pic is of the dinner she made last night. She’s really sweet. She wanted to keep breakfast simple since my stomach is so sensitive. Later today we are going to have dinner together and tomorrow the plan is to go back to San Cristabol together. Soon I’ll be on my way to Guatemala.

Today I was so hungry. Chio was gone for most of the day and she didn’t have a lot of food at her apartment, so I resorted to eating junk food. I ate a small bag of chips (spicy twists), a couple chocolates, a tuna sandwich, a Greek yogurt and something else that I cannot remember. When she got home I was so hungry. She told the cook downstairs (that cooks for the building) that we would like 2 dinners. It was amazing. She made vegetable soup, chicken, salad and Mac N’cheese that was somewhat spicy (similar to Kraft, but with picante mixed in). We both are everything. We ate the food from the house 3

Times and each time it was so delicious. Plus it only cost 75 pesos per person, so we ate like kings and queens for less than $5 USD total.

The rest of the night was mostly us working on our computers, listening to music (including Belanova, which I like) and talking about various things. I showed her my website 

At about 7:00 we both fell asleep for a three hour nap. That was a bad idea because I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. But I finally fell asleep after eating Chio’s left over chicken. She laughed in her sleep after I tried to wake her up when I thought she was having a bad dream. It was funny. We laugh about a lot together.