Today has been pretty slow, but it’s nice to catch up on even more computer work. I just picked up two new programming assignments so I’m happy about that. I’ve got about 4 projects underway with different people, plus my own projects which are moving slowly (but still moving at least!).

I’m jamming out to my YouTube playlist while doing computer work. Check it out here: EZ Digital Company Chill Mix (Don’t ask me why I named it that, I legit cannot remember)

Tonight I’m staying a second night at Hostal Luna Nueva, which is a cool laid-back little Hostel in San Cristabol. It’s like a peaceful quiet sanctuary in here with birds chirping outside, minimal outside sounds, a nice garden and few other people around (they’re mainly napping and working on their computers/phones.

There’s plenty of work to do so I’ll be focused on that for the remainder of the day. I also need to think about my finances, taxes and what I’m doing for the following couple weeks, before the wedding that Chio invited me to (her close friend). Tomorrow I might see Chio again for lunch and a movie. She’s busy often because she needs to always prepare for her lectures.

I’ll post if anything else happens but I doubt it. We’ll see!