Slept in. Still trying to get over this damn cold.

Walked 15 minutes to Chedraui (Supermarket near the cinemas).

Bought 600 Pesos worth of groceries – that’s a lot of food! A lot of fresh vegetables, some meat (hamburger, chorizo and chicken nuggets), etc.

Cooked dinner – self made tacos. They came out really good. Ate with the owner of the Luna Nueva where I will be for 2 more weeks until the wedding with Chio.

Met a nice couple from Germany (she’s from Portugal and he’s from Australia), both very cool.

A lot of people are at the hostel now. I stayed up late reading Reddit “Top Posts Of All Time”. One guy snores loud randomly, but it wasn’t too hard to sleep. When he was snoring really loudly, I heard other people laughing and I started laughing too.

My groceries: