Meeting Chio has been awesome. She’s great. Since she invited me to her friends wedding in Motozintla, my time has arrived for me to purchase adequate clothes for the wedding. As a traveler, my clothes consist of nothing elegant, and I want to look good to match Chio. I’d feel bad if I went without respectful clothing.

I was hunting through San Cristobal for most of the day. Fortunately, early in the day the sun was out. I bought my shoes and clothes in two different places before the rain started coming down.

Here is one place I found that offered shoes. However, I bought my new shoes at a very small and unexpected shoe shop in some random corner of an enormous market.

Here’s Catarina and I dropping off our clothes to be washed at a local laundromat. They weight it and charge by the pound. The also wash the clothes for you and fold them. It only cost about $0.50.

I saw these yogurt pops at a local market – I think I found them in Oxxo, but it’s difficult to remember. It’s common to find creative things like this here in Mexico. While I wouldn’t buy these in the United States like this, I’m happy to buy foods as the locals buy them in Mexico. While in Rome.