Traveled to Motozintla really early in the morning. We were going to leave last night but we both needed more time shopping. I needed to get clothes and Chio needed to prepare for the wedding.

Chio with the bride and groom (Esperanza and Edwin):

The wedding ceremony was very nice. Chio can be seen on the left in the red dress. Everyone looked really nice at the wedding:


Festivities at the wedding. Basically the women were dancing in a small congo line around the bride before she threw the flowers for them to catch:

The very impressive cake display. It was beautifully done:


Chio’s face when she realized the Tecate Light boxes (Mexican beer) in the background. Mostly to be funny 🙂


Everyone was drinking Coca-Cola. That’s the drink of choice, even over water, in Mexico:


The tables and seats were beautifully decorated with red and white:

A fun pic of us standing in front of the pool at the wedding:


Finally, one nice pic of Chio and I at the wedding: