I’ve had a wonderful time in Mexico City. It was great to reconnect with Chio and Toto, both whom I originally met in San Cristobal, Mexico. Saying goodbye was very difficult. Not only was I saying goodbye to these wonderful humans, I was also completing the last day of my 85 day trip through Central America. I was saying goodbye to my favorite chapter of my life.

Really, I didn’t expect this day to come so fast. I never planned on taking a position at a company. My original plan was to continue backpacking through the South American continent and eventually fly to Asia to continue my journey. However, this career opportunity is huge for me. So, I’ll cut my trip short and work for a while until I’m better established financially to travel with less work.

I feel very blessed to have had this trip. Not many people get to have this opportunity.

Today day was simple. I woke up, finished packing my things, and took an Uber with Chio to the airport. Chio was very kind to come with me to the airport. We shared some tears and a lot of hugs together, both knowing that the incredible experiences we had together will forever be part of the past.

Chio is a beautiful person. She has a natural spark, an energy that is contagious and comforting. Her laugh is wonderful. She taught me so many things on this trip. I am forever grateful to her.

I took this photo while we were waiting for the Uber:

Here I took a rather boring inside of the Uber. As you can see, I was looking for any tiny memory to cling to. I was in denial that this was the end of my big trip. I didn’t want it to end.

I took this picture randomly of the street of Mexico City as we were driving. This photo is somewhat symbolic of the end of this trip. It’s shows where I was, and shows the world behind me. The melancholy feeling that I had was unbearable.

In the airport, I took this terrible photo (below) of commercialization. I really despise how the beauty of the world is being robbed by business and industry. Everything is becoming shopping malls, strip malls, condos and business centers. That’s gross to me.

And finally, the obligatory photo of my final picture of my trip. This was my last moment to appreciate the incredible terrain of Central America. Central America has so much beauty. There are lush green forests everywhere. Nature is abundant. Freedom exists there. Flying back to the United States, being stuck on this plane that I didn’t want to be on, it started making me feel caged. I had my freedom, but I gave it up for a job.

Although sad, I’ve promised myself that I will not settle into the American life and that I will resume traveling once my savings are sufficient and I’ve had some impact at my new position. A job is just a job. It’s to make money. It’s not happiness. Fortunately, this job pays very well (which is the main reason that I accepted it), so after a couple years I’ll be ready to get back to my travels.

I will forever remember this trip and I’m so blessed to have had this experience.

Thank you for reading my personal experience!