I’m moving to El Salvador. Today is the day!

For those of you that have been reading my blog: you already know my reasoning behind my decision. This job in California was brutally stressful and being in a long-distance relationship has been challenging to say the least. I recently put in my resignation letter at the office two weeks ago and the final day is here. It’s go time!

Over the past two weeks I’ve been preparing for today. I shipped two giant boxes to my mother in Florida for her to put in storage for me (thanks mom!). I prepared my car to be sold (which a friend will sell for me), and I cleaned out my office desk and handed in my badge and laptop. And I’ve packed all my bags, as lightly as possible, for the move.

Living in California was a pleasant experience. However, my specific situation made it very stressful. After everything I’ve been through, I wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone. The long distance relationship, the stress at work, the daily commutes, being thousands of miles from any family – it all slowly takes an emotional toll on a person.

In the end, this job has accomplished it’s goal. I now have financial resources to move abroad and live the life that I want to live. I do wish that my employer would permit me to continue working remotely (from El Salvador) but that’s not an option, unfortunately. The department I was working in doesn’t allow people to work remotely. So I’ll need to find other work. Fortunately I’ve done a lot of freelance programming in the past, so I know that I’ll have no problem getting client projects while I live in El Salvador. Eventually maybe I’ll take a full-time remote position if the opportunity arrises.

I’ll be flying down to El Salvador, get picked up by my girlfriend Stephanie at the airport and I’ll be living with her and her family for a few months until I can secure an apartment or other living option.

I’m thrilled! Ahh!