These are the Maps & GPS Coordinates we gathered in Expedition #1 during our Panama Expedition in July 2021. Maps and Coordinates from Expedition 2 will be published separately.

To read the full Overview article, please visit: Panama Expedition 2021 – Complete Overview

Point LatLongElevation (Meters)Expedition PhotoDescription/Notes
0018.808340961-82.4276291,2670577.JPGIl Pianista Restaurant (Start of El Pianista Trail)
0028.812717991-82.425454991,3090067.JPGLittle Bridge – Early On El Pianista Trail (Reference Case Photo #476)
0038.817671025-82.422991961,3870068.JPGFarmland, Pastures & Livestock
0048.822132964-82.421677011,4200080.JPGEntrance to Jungle
0058.825554037-82.425531,4970548.JPGTrail Splits, Right Continues El Pianista Trail, Left Does Not Reach Mirador
0068.826842001-82.426155961,5220540.JPGResidential Homes & Buildings
0078.827174008-82.426064011,531N/ABarbed Wire Fence Runs Along Trail For ~100M
0088.828638997-82.426397031,556N/AFarm With Dogs
0098.829601994-82.426797011,6640093.JPGFirst Camp Location
0108.830626011-82.426978981,8860538.JPG & 0532.JPGLandslide & Small River
0128.842443991-82.424691981,6200107.JPGRiver 1 – Post Mirador
0138.843631037-82.424961961,6100110.JPGRiver 2 – Post Mirador
0148.84449102-82.424340021,6250113.JPGSmall mountain between 2 rivers. Small trails breakoff but end quickly
0158.845214965-82.424204991,6430114.JPGRiver 3 – Post Mirador
0168.845742019-82.424395011,6200227.JPGSecond Camp Location

Note: Table last edited December 4, 2021

Photos References: Photos of each location are show below and labelled accordingly.

Coordinate Format: Lat/Lon hddd.ddddd°

Note: We tested our GPS devices both before visiting Panama and while we were in Boquete, prior to the expeditions. Even with the tree canopy and vegetation in Panama’s jungles, our GPS’s still proved to be accurate aside from an occasional outlier, which we corrected manually after the expeditions.

Expedition 1 Maps

Imperfect Plan Expedition Map

Mapped Coordinates: JPEG/Flat Map (Large Resolution Version)

Mapped Coordinates: CalTopo Interactive Map

Photo References

These are photos of each GPS coordinate listed in the table above. Each photo was taken with a Canon Powershot, unless otherwise noted. More photos will be published as we organize the information and determine the best format to publish bulk images.

Point 001: 0577.JPG

Il Pianista Restaurant Panama
Il Pianista Restaurant

Point 002: 0067.JPG

Panama Expedition - Bridge El Pianista

Point 003: 0068.JPG

Panama Expedition - El Pianista Trail

Point 004: 0080.JPG

El Pianista - Entrance To Jungle

Point 005: 0548.JPG

Panama - El Pianista Trail Split

Point 006: 0540.JPG

Panama El Pianista Trail Homes Buildings

Point 009: 0090.JPG

Panama Expedition - Camp Site 1

Point 010: 0538.JPG & 0532.JPG

Panama El Pianista Landslide River
El Pianista Panama - Landslide and Small River

Point 011: 0524.JPG

Panama Expedition Pianista Mirador

Point 012: 0107.JPG

Panama Expedition - El Pianista River

Point 013: 0110.JPG

Panama Expedition - El Pianista River

Point 014: 0113.JPG

Panama Expedition - El Pianista Mountain

Point 015: 0114.JPG

Survie Jungle Panama Yann

Point 016: 0227.JPG

Panama Expedition - Camp Site 2