There’s no real formula for making friends. It’s a mix of putting yourself out there, having interesting things to talk about and genuinely trying. Anyone can do it because everyone that wants to socialize will be drawn to other people that want to socialize.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Go To Where People Are Socializing

Sounds simply but people over complicate things. Did you go to a bar where nobody is? Is everyone at your coffee shop on their laptop? Then you’re doing it wrong. Venture out and find where the people are. Find the places where people are talking, laughing and enjoying other’s company. This is your hunting grounds for a good conversation.

2. Be Interesting – Or At Least HaveĀ Things To Talk About

Being a good conversationalist can seem daunting. But it’s not. You have an interesting life. You’re not from where you are traveling. People will want to hear about where

3. Doing What You Love

Like in dating, doing what you love will eventually lead you to good people that have similar interests. If you love hiking, go hiking at popular hiking destinations. If you like the beach, go to the beach and hang out at the beach bar. If you like visiting ancient ruins…do it!

4. Staying at Hostels

People of all ages stay in hostels. They are not often called “youth hostels” because people of all ages stay at them. Sure, typically it’s younger people you’ll find in their 20’s and 30’s, but I’ve met people of all ages in hostels. In fact at the last two hostels I stayed at, I met a 60 year old woman in retirement and a 70 year old guy backpacking Central America. I met a husband and wife with their two young children traveling South America.

The world doesn’t care how old you are. The majority of travelers out there love to learn and talk to others. That 60 year old woman’s name was Sonia and we talked for 2 hours about all of her awesome life adventures. She’s been all over the world and is currently volunteering at a Childrens Care Center in Merida, Mexico. Her stories about her children, meeting her husband and living in different countries really stuck with me. She’s inspiring.

Hostels are incredible social environments. If you pass them off for whatever reason, you’re giving up a significant opportunity to meet great people. And before you assume anything…no, most of them are not dirty, dangerous, unsafe or unfit for you. They’re great.

Anyway, if you are open to meeting people, you will. If you’re having troubles, maybe you need to look inward. Other people are there and with a slight bit of practice and an open mind, you can really be great at making friends during your journey.