Between the Covid19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter, a lot has happened recently in world news, especially United States news. Sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of anything anymore because things are so chaotic. Everything is happening so quickly.

In order to slice through the chaos and highlight some important reflections of everything that’s happened, I’ve decided to quickly skim through some important observations I’ve made. Strap in and get ready, we’re going to cover a lot and I’m going to reference a lot of videos and Twitter discussions.

And quick note: a lot of these notes are for me personally. I like to keep track of things and remember what happened. Have you ever tried to find an old news article online? It’s very difficult and time consuming. This helps me to refer back to these crazy times if I ever need to.

Let’s dive in.

#1. Dr Anthony Fauci changed his story on wearing masks.

A lot of people trusted Dr Fauci before the Coronavirus pandemic. Personally, his name was new to me and I respected his medical advice on Covid19. Many of us heeded his words and clung to statements during his daily Covid19 press briefings. I have mixed feelings now.

At the onset of the pandemic, everyone except medical professionals were told not to wear face masks. The idea was that it wasn’t necessary to wear a protective mask in order to prevent against Coronavirus transmission. Here are the words directly from Dr Fauci himself:

In fact, the WHO even stated that human to human transmission wasn’t possible:

But that changed dramatically. Less than two weeks later, everyone was required (or highly “suggested”) to wear a face mask in public.

Now, approximately months later, Fauci recently acknowledged that masks were initially not recommended to the general public so that first responders wouldn’t feel the strain of a shortage of PPE.

“[public health experts] were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply.” 

Dr. Anthony Fauci
June 12, 2020

Isn’t that a little bit like secretly preventing from the public from purchasing fire extinguishers in order to give them to firemen? Worse, the conflagration was already raging too hot and too fast for the fire extinguishers to be effective. Basically – the public couldn’t prevent the pandemic from spreading and doctors ran out of masks anyway.

Anyone would agree that equipping doctors with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is very important. But this plan not only lied to the public…it simply didn’t work. Doctors still rand out of PPE. The public spread the virus like a wildfire.

This is why people have trouble with trusting medical science. I understand that science is dynamic, but it’s hard to trust the politicians promoting their science when the story changes.

#2. Medical “evidence” against Hydroxycholoroquine was a complete sham.

President Donald Trump supported medical testing of Hydroxycholoroquine. He promoted the drug as a possible option to combat Coronavirus and encouraged testing. However, in the news media’s continued vendetta against President Trump, they wanted to shut down Hydroxycholoroquine as a viable option…and so they did that.

Back in April, a research study came out that showed that testing Hydroxycholoroquine was dangerous. The company that released the study was called Surgisphere Corp and the “evidence” it had was referenced heavily by two prominent medical journals: The Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine.

Testing Hydroxycholoroquine stops completely.

After the news broke that Hydroxycholoroquine was dangerous, World Health Organization stopped testing Hydroxycholoroquine, fearing that they may kill their test patients. A reasonable response to sound evidence.

However, the studies had a problem. Independent evaluation of the data hadn’t been conducted. This lead medical scientists to demand seeing the underlying data of the study. Quickly, public pressure grew to provide the data. Eventually, Surgisphere Corp made it clear that they would not release the data. This lead to major problems for the two medical journals. They published studies and stated they had “evidence” but the evidence could not be peer reviewed and investigated more thoroughly. The news media had built their entire argument based on shoddy proof. It was a sham. Shameful.

Then the dominoes effect came.

First, The Lancet retracted their study. An hour later, a separate study by the New England Journal of Medicine was also retracted. Both of the major studies collapsed.

Perhaps worse was that mainstream media was very quiet about the discovery that the study was a sham. I didn’t hear about it except for when someone posted a link on a Facebook group. The media’s original campaign against Hydroxycholoroquine was loud and fierce. Then the moment that it was realized to be a sham, they essentially brushed it under the carpet in hopes that nobody would notice. Oops. A lot of people noticed.

Later, after the news media just published endless articles supporting the non-social-distancing protests of Black Lives Matter, they quietly announced that many scientific organizations, including the WHO are simply stopping their testing of Hydroxycholoroquine. And more recent news about the drug is available after the FDA stated that it cannot be used for treatment.

Honestly, this entire situation was a very big political disaster from beginning to end.

#3. Politicians on both sides pandered with cringeworthy gestures.

Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, wore Kente Cloth while kneeling to offer their respects for the death of George Floyd. The problem is, this is the definition of cultural appropriation. It’s inappropriate. Also, most black American’s don’t identify as “african-americans” nowadays and they share little identity with african culture. Wearing kente cloth was little more than a misaligned gesture that quickly went under attack.

Can you imagine if democrats had worn a Mexican sombrero for police brutality against a Mexican? That would undoubtedly be offensive.

On the other side of the aisle, President Trump utilized a Bible for a photo opportunity while standing outside of St. John’s Church, the historical church that was recently lit on fire by Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington DC. Although he may have been well intentioned in showing his respects for the historical church, he didn’t read a quote from the bible, nor did he offer an uplifting statement regarding his support for religious institutions. He just…held up the bible.

President Trump Holding Bible

Most people can agree that Trump isn’t very “presidential”, but that’s why many people like him. He’s imperfect and not always politically correct, which means that his followers disassociate him from being part of mainstream politics. It fits well with his “drain the swamp” campaign against federal government corruption.

#4. President Trump’s predictions about coronavirus were both confusingly wrong and right.

We all remember when President Trump claimed that the Coronavirus would not be around for more than “two weeks“. Well, that part he had very wrong. What he was correct about, was that the impact would not be nearly as bad as the news media was claiming it would be.

Remember how United States news media claimed that as many as 2.2 Million people in the USA could die from Coronavirus? It turns out, that tidbit of information came from a questionable source: Dr. Neil Furguson of Imperial College in London came up with that number. Dr Furguson himself was later was busted not social distancing. Additionally, two months later he resigned and left a lot of people very angry.

Now they’re predicting the death toll to be significantly lower.

The problem is, the infection rates and death statistics are misleading and sometimes false altogether. Hospitals are being incentivized to state that Coronavirus was the cause of death, even if other factors or pre-existing conditions took part. Granted, it’s true that Coronavirus patients need long-term support, which can be costly for hospitals. But the numbers aren’t being reported accurately and it’s unclear why that’s the case.

#5. Brazil’s government was busted for having fake coronavirus hospitals.

This one is eye-opening and baffling. It’s fraud at its core. A hospital in Brazil claimed to have 5,000 sick patients and 200 coronavirus deaths. When local authorities were alerted to the questionable numbers of the hospital, local police forced their way into the hospital and discovered that there were literally zero patients. Watch the video:

Many citizens of Brazil argue that the Brazilian government was working in unison with the Chinese government to increase their coronavirus statistics. Also, they were blatantly stealing public funds and justifying it based on false Covid19 information.

#6. Social media companies are getting politically active.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have all been dabbling in questionable behavior recently. This comes in the wake of a time in history when we were all depending on them heavily. These tech giants were once considered by many to be a place where all people could freely share information, videos and comments online. However, these companies recently engaged in a lot of behavior that demonstrated they will utilize their own platform as a political weapon, when they deem it necessary.

Here are some recent examples:

  • YouTube has been censoring videos it disagrees with.
  • Facebook has been removing posts it disagrees with.
  • Twitter has been removing accounts.
  • Google Ads banned Zero Hedge, a conservative financial news blog.

Whether you agree or disagree with their actions, we can at least all agree that this is a new trend among social media companies. The problem, in most of these cases, is that these social media giants are unclear about their publishing policies. Additionally, they’ve made it clear from their handling of situations that they are politically biased, nearly always against conservative voices. And so anytime they censor, silence or “de-platform” a writer or publisher, they’re dabbling in murky territory.

Parler is a new “free speech” alternative to Twitter.

If you haven’t heard of Parler, it’s very similar to Twitter. Recently, Parler added 500,000 new users after Twitter went on an all-out banning assault against conservative profiles on Twitter. Jack Dorsey (@jack), a co-founder of Twitter, is a well known Joe Biden supporter and despises Donal Trump. Parler became Number 1 on Apple’s App Store “News” section:

It’s incredible how fast people migrated to Parler after Twitter started banning conservative’s accounts. And the problem for Twitter is…they banned the same people that attracted crowds of people to Twitter in the first place.

Since those “loud” people were banned, those people are acting as magnets to their followers to Parler. Twitter is hemorrhaging users and it’s unclear when the bleeding will stop. Here’s my Parler profile by the way. I still use Twitter too.

A look at Google’s most recent offense.

The most recent offense was NBC’s and Google’s collective attack on The Federalist, a conservative news publisher. NBC didn’t like some user-comments in the footer section of the Federalist’s website, so NBC asked Google to ban The Federalist from Google’s advertising network in order to cut off The Federalist’s revenue source. In response, Google claimed that user comments in the comment section of The Federalist were up for scrutiny. That’s worrying for a number of reasons.

First, Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act shields websites from being liable for comments that visitors write on news and blog websites. That’s important. This is universally known to be one of the most important protections of freedom of speech on the internet today. To summarize it: If I write a blog article, people are permitted to comment on my article and I am protected against a lawsuit if a random commenter writes offensive comments on an article. You can see how important that is.

Imagine if twitter or facebook could be sued because you wrote an angry offensive comment. That’s exactly why Section 230 was written – so they can’t get sued. Google benefits from this law everyday. But now Google is using this law against The Federalist, an action that contradicts Google’s own behavior and is somewhat hypocritical considering that Google also permits their own comments sections to go largely uncensored.

Second, this behavior from NBC is concerning. More on that in number 7 below…

#7. Mainstream media has destroyed their own credibility.

I truly believe that the mainstream news has destroyed their own credibility. Their ongoing vendetta against Trump has lead them to consistently lower their own standards. And that’s a shame.

CNN’s building was even attacked by rioters, an event that got very little news coverage. And the news never covered why it was attacked – rioters were angry that their story wasn’t being told properly.

Fortunately, people are starting wake up to the manipulation going on at mainstream media companies. It’s blatantly obvious at this point. Over the past few months, there has been more and more news manipulation.

Here are some more examples:

Example #1: Instead of journalists simply focussing on reporting the news accurately, some are getting involved in creating news themselves. NBC, for example, is getting more involved in activism: essentially taking political action to cancel and de-platform their news opponent’s sources of advertising revenue. Imagine if Fox News was able to cut-off the advertising revenue of the Washington Post. That’s a comparable example that illustrates what happened against The Federalist.

Just a note- that never happened. They tried, but didn’t succeed…yet. Click the link and you’ll see that it’s no longer about “two websites”. All of this editing going on after news stories are published is shady and unethical.

Example #2: The New York Times decimated their own credibility when they downplayed Tara Reade’s sexual assault claims against Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. The New York Times, in lockstep with CNN and Washington Post, had just published dozens of articles pushing the #BelieveWomen campaign in order to crush Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Later, after they tried to ignore Tara Reade, those same news outlets then claimed that #BelieveWomen was a right-wing conspiracy. Their hypocrisy, deflection tactics and lack of consistent values is breathtaking.

Example #3: The mainstream media is already claiming that Joe Biden is leading Donal Trump in polls. Sound familiar? They did the same thing with Hillary Clinton, claiming that President Trump didn’t have a chance. Granted, Hillary did win the popular vote, but nowhere near the margin that MSM claimed. Whether you like Trump or not, the mainstream media news conglomerates need to stop this behavior. They’re destroying their own credibility.

Also, has anyone noticed how much their articles have “click bait” headlines now? It’s painful.

#8. China was busted using 170,000 fake Twitter accounts to interfere with USA politics.

Just recently, Twitter busted China for creating 170,000 fake Twitter accounts. The accounts we created by the Chinese government to generate misinformation in the United States, specifically about these things:

  1. Coronavirus political influence
  2. The protests in Hong Kong
  3. The killing of George Floyd
  4. Black Lives Matter

Twitter deleted the accounts and alerted the news media. But much of the damage had already been done. China was meddling in foreign politics, undoubtedly an effort to impact the upcoming United States Presidential elections in November.

Unfortunately, this is a never-ending battle for Twitter. China continues to make new fake accounts daily.

#9 The pandemic is being used for political gain.

This one shouldn’t be surprising. After all, everything has become divisive and politicized: food, water, science, education, textbooks, news – have all become very political in recent years. And that’s largely in part due to the destabilization of the United States financial system (thanks big banks).

So it only makes sense that the pandemic has become political too.

In fact, Patrick Bet-David launched a video called “Biggest Enemy of America”, from which he suggests a Media Detox. The video can be seen below:

Patrick’s video is excellent. The video highlights a couple of examples, but there are dozens of examples now that illustrate how much the Covid pandemic is being used for political moves.

Denzel Washington also had something powerful to say.

#10 It’s unclear exactly where Black Lives Matter money donations are going.

Black Lives Matter, Inc is not the same as the Black Lives Matter movement. After BuzzFeed News did some investigation, they reached out to the organization itself and discovered some worrisome details.

The Black Lives Matter Foundation only has one employee, the founder himself. He stated:

“I don’t have anything to do with the Black Lives Matter Global Network. I never met them; never spoke to them. I don’t know them; I have no relationship with them.”

Robert Ray Barnes, the founder of the Black Lives Matter Foundation

Tens of millions of dollars have been donated. And while these donations have been made for what is often considered a reasonable and good cause, nobody is certain if their money is going to the cause, nor how the money is being handled.

Oftentimes, people toss money into what they think is a charitable effort to support Black Lives Matter movement. But their money disappears into a dark abyss with no accountability. Keep in mind, Black Lives Matter Inc isn’t a charity. They have no responsibility to publicly disclose their earnings. And for the few people that have realized this fact, they look for alternative ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Unfortunately still, nobody has any conclusive answers of how the money is being spent.

The failed Bail-out fund for bailing out BLM protestors.

Unfortunately, this same thing is happening to the BLM bail-out fund, which has received million of dollars from celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Seth Rogen and Jameela Jamil. According to Newsweek, more than $35 Million dollars have been donated by individuals and notable celebrities in order to bail-out Black Lives Matter protestors from prison. But according to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), the group itself that receives the funds, only $200K has been spent on actually bailing anyone out. That’s less than 1% of the donation money.

And this has made a lot of people angry:

This is all a mess. If change is going to happen, it can’t happen like this. Money must be handled properly. Transparency must be at the center. Efforts must be consistent and effective. Refining laws and promoting systemic change must happen if any effort to curb police brutality will work.

#11 Everyone has become a conspiracy theorist. Even you.

Whether you’re left of center, right of center, or in the exact center, you probably believe in some level of consipiracy theory at this point regarding Black Lives Matter, Coronavirus, or Donald Trumps Presidency.

It’s inescapable.

The reason is because we don’t have all of the answers. We get incomplete information and we’re forced to fill in the blanks to the best of our abilities. In the absence of complete information, regardless of our political leanings, we’re willing to tolerate a certain level of “speculation”, which is little different from conspiracy theory.

Russia’s collusion in the 2016 elections, where coronavirus originated, Hunter Biden’s cushy job in the Ukraine, Bill Gate‘s vaccine, secrets at the DNC regarding Biden’s nomination, Tara Reade, Jeffrey Epstein, etc. I could go on for hours. You get the point.

Politics nowadays is often cloaked in mystery. That’s what happens when powerful people cover their tracks.

#12 We’re realizing what life would be like without law enforcement.

Just look at this “dude” that had his car destroyed in Capital Hill Automonous Zone (CHAZ), the new “foreign nation” that came as a result of Black Lives Matter:

Stuff like this is unfortunate. But CHAZ just kicked out the police and then everyone’s surprised when chaos and mayhem ensue. They also demanded defunding the police. We can’t “defund the police”.

Sadly, in another (more extreme) example, an ambulance couldn’t save a life because police couldn’t clear the area in CHAZ:

Also, this guy is suing the police for not showing up when he was shot.

As you can see, it’s frustrating. You can’t kick the police out and then expect police or medical workers to do their jobs. Medical personnel would be risking their lives by going into that war zone. And if they’re “autonomous”, why don’t they have their own medical personnel? They already have their own armed policing force. I get it, it’s complicated. But a life may have been saved if police were able to do their jobs.

#13 The law often works in both directions.

After George Floyd was killed by police brutality, a lot of information came to light. It was discovered that Floyd had previously worked at the same nightclub as Officer Derek Chauvin, the cop that killed him. Of course, nothing that happened justified the officers actions of killing an innocent man. However, Floyd’s prior relationship working with Officer Derek Chauvin at the nightclub might explain a personal dispute existing between the two men. The details are unknown at this point.

Getting to the point, let’s look at the recent killing of Rayshard Brooks, another black man named was killed at the hands of police after George Floyd was killed. This time, it wasn’t so obvious what should happen.

Rayshard Brooks was a drunk driver. He was parked. After police asked him some questions, a brawl broke out. Brooks took on the two police with his fists, gained the upperhand, stole one of their tasers, then proceeded to attempt shooting the police as he ran away. This happened late at night, with numerous other cars around. Many people caught the moment on camera:

In search for answers, a lot of started questioning the use of the taser against the cops.

Is a taser a deadly weapon? Many people would argue that it’s not, thereby confirming that using deadly force against brooks was unjustified. That argument more clearly illustrates that the officer that killed Rayshard Brooks used unnecessary force.

However, this is where things get muddled. Police had previously used tasers against protestors in Atlanta, Georgia only weeks ago before Rayshard Brooks was killed. And in response to that, Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard stated the following:

So, a taser is a deadly weapon when used on protestors, but a taser is not a deadly weapon when used against police? That doesn’t jive well. And this is a great example of why the legal system and court cases can be very complicated.

This killing of Rayshard Brooks is an ongoing case that will have more details soon.

# 14 The new case for firearms and border walls.

There was a lot of peaceful protest going on during the Black Lives Matter protests. However, there was also a lot of violence and chaos. Antifa was running amuck. Alt-right groups were operating in the shadows. Police were getting injured and killed. Amid all of the looting, rioting and anarchy, something bizarre happened: leftist groups started “taking” territories of cities.

CHAZ, also referred to as CHOP, was in Seattle, Washington. Police forces started pulling back in certain areas, permitting protestors to do what they wanted. And that’s when things go more interesting. Here was the beginning:

CHAZ has no leaders apparently…but it does have leaders too. They’re just not publicized, probably to protect them. The moment that CHAZ was established, the CHAZ protesters built border walls around their new “autonomous zone”. Then they had armed “security” protecting the entrances. Then they checked ID’s of all those entering and exiting the area.

Finally, the autonomous zone was taken down:

The point is…Trump’s southern border wall with Mexico was despised for a long time by people left of center. Now they’ve used their own borders for CHAZ. Something doesn’t seem right.

#15 Words Are Losing Their Meaning

I’ve counted four words and phrases in recent memory that have lost their meaning. When this happens, it frustrates the situation and prevents informed conversation. Here are four examples

  1. The word “racist” has been abused so much recently, that it’s nearly meaningless. People that proclaim “all lives matter” are often called racist, because some argue that it defies “black lives matter”. But the problem is, it’s not accurate to call everyone racist, nor is it helpful to anyone. It’s a false oversimplification.
  2. “Believe Women” was changed after Tara Reade came forward against Joe Biden. As I previously wrote about, the meaning of “believe women” was changed to “it’s a statement that our default should be to believe women”. The meaning certainly changed in recent months when it became politically convenient”.
  3. “White lives don’t matter” was stated by Dr Priyamvada Gopal of Cambridge University. She was promoted at her University for it. Then she changed her sentiment to “My Tweet said whiteness is not special, not a criterion for making lives matter. I stand by that.” Twitter deleted her tweets, which is interesting, because Twitter suspended conservative accounts for less offensive statements. But I’m white, what do I know. I guess I don’t matter.
  4. “Abolish the police” was pushed heavily recently during the Black Lives Matter protests. Later, some have changed the meaning to “reform police“, while others have said “we literally mean abolish the police“. Minneapolis is still pushing forward with abolishing the police. The mayor of Minneapolis was recently publicly mocked and shamed by protestors, to his face, in front of a crowd and on camera.

On a similar note, “Free Speech” has been under attack recently. Notably, Jack Dorsey of Twitter now claims that “Free speech was never a descriptor of the company that we gave ourselves. It was a joke.” Dorsey just admitted that Twitter essentially used free speech as a marketing ploy, only later to say it was only a “joke”. So while the meaning of “free speech” itself hasn’t changed in this context, Twitter has changed it’s tune.

Do you see a trend? I do. Strong statements are made in order to get attention, then their statement’s meaning conveniently changes. It’s no different than the behavior of a child that seeks attention. Their rule is this: Say anything to get attention, then downplay it later.

#16 National Monuments And Everything Is Being Toppled

It’s an interesting time to be alive. After George Floyd was killed, the Black Lives Matter movement has morphed into something that’s beyond recognition. Now everything is going under scrutiny regarding race. Even Aunt Jemima pancake syrup is offensive apparently, regardless of the fact that the great-grandson of the woman represented as Aunt Jemima calls the rebranding move a “great injustice”.

Statues are coming down all over the country. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, Saint Junipero Serra and more. A growing list is even available on Wikipedia.

US Marshals are being told to prepare to protect statues.

People are even claiming that major universities such as Yale, Brown and Georgetown must be renamed due to their historical ties to slavery. #CancelYale was trending on Twitter for a while.

I think this has gone too far. Race-baiting is the norm now. Hundreds of people have died, including blacks and whites. People are afraid to stop their cars. The Black Lives Matter movement has literally been hijacked by the political left, in effort to destabilize the United States. It’s no longer an issue of black lives, but an effort to crumble the USA so that it can be rebuilt similar to CHAZ (which we already saw how that went).

This woman from Venezuela has a powerful message regarding the toppling of statues, as noted by David Rubin:

Oh, and a final note. The “noose” that was in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage was never actually a “noose”. It was a knot that’s commonly used for garage door pull ropes. In this example, a similar knot was captured in a 2017 photo, too. It’s a garage door pull rope. The “noose” story was completely made up. The FBI deemed the rope to have been there from before Bubba’s car was even in that garage.

Things are starting to wind-down in the USA. However, it will heat up again, especially considering that the US Presidential elections are right around the corner.

That’s all I’ve got for now.