The disappearance case of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon continues to baffle many people around the world, including myself.

Recently I wrote a few articles that have gained some attention:

After writing about the case and receiving ample feedback, I’ve decided to start building a list of people that might be interested in contributing to a research project involving the case of these two girls.

Project Plans

This isn’t what you think. The goal isn’t to solve the case. Anyone would be foolish to think that they could safely solve this case without creating havoc for locals.

My focus: disproving the “official” story. That’s very different. As I mention in my research analysis of Kris’s bones, it’s possible to disprove the official theory using modern scientific approaches. River velocity, decomposition rates, timeline evaluation, backpack tests, etc. It’s possible. And possible is why I’m even considering this.

At this point, I’m only gathering names to determine how much interest there is. I’m not going to speculate on how far this could take us. No trips are planned at this point.

I’ve outlined some core skills that could potentially help our team dig deeper into the unusual aspects of the disappearance.

  • Biologists familiar with tropical habitats at various elevations.
  • Engineers with knowledge of river calculations (size, dimensions, velocity, friction, etc).
  • Forensics specialists with knowledge of crime scenes and human remains.
  • Graphic editors that can manipulate and analyze graphics in a forensic capacity.
  • Medical personnel with knowledge of human anatomy and cadavers.
  • Spanish speakers that are knowledgable of latin culture and capable of doing online research for information surrounding the case in Spanish.
  • Communications specialists familiar with the programming functions of cellular devices, cell phone signals, phone logging capabilities and functions, etc.
  • Documenters with skill in tracking and recording details, project plans etc.
  • Researchers with skills in searching official scientific publications and forensic studies.

These are just ideas. I’m open to other skills as well. In the end, in order for us to do any research involving this case, we will need people that have hard skills and can provide reliable feedback to our team.

Small Finds, Big Answers

The more time that passes, the less likely this case is to get attention. Certainly most people know that the Panamanian government’s official story is filled with holes. Panama’s government wants everyone to forget this case.

We’ve passed the 6 year mark since their disappearance. However, in some situations, cases have been reopened after being closed for a decade or more. Would they reopen the case if we disproved the official story? Maybe, maybe not. But even if we can’t get Panama’s government to reopen the case, we may at least get some final answers, before local conditions do actually change.

One thing that’s so frustrating about this case is that Panama’s government knew that nobody had the data to scientifically prove or disprove their version of the story, so – “It must have been an accident, right?”

Our advantage is that the scientific variables associated with the region remain mostly consistent. We already know that getting answers from locals is near impossible. But the rainfall data, river data, decomposition data, etc … it’s all still just sitting there waiting to quietly be gathered. The clock is ticking.

Hell, even if it is scientifically possible, isn’t that also worth knowing?

Some Questions We Could Answer

  • How many locals utilize each different trail between Il Pianista and Alto Romero?
  • What are cell phone reception conditions like at different points of the trail?
  • Where is the exact location of the nighttime photos and what is nearby?
  • How fast could the water have risen?
  • How much does the river water rise relative to rainfall rates?
  • How fast does the river velocity change relative to rainfall and water levels?
  • What is average rainfall in the area vs historical rainfall rates?
  • How fast does decomposition happen in that region (dry vs submerged)?
  • River mapping – what are the conditions of the river?
  • Trail mapping – exactly where are the trails and where do they lead?
  • Building mapping – what is the proximity of buildings relative to the trails?

This Is Volunteer Based

This is a volunteer based project and could grow in size depending on the interest that is generated. Everyone must have a clear interest in researching the case of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. Collaborating and discussing the case will be our focus in the beginning.

This is not an offer for employment, nor a contract for work. There is currently no funding source for this project. Even if there is funding, it will most likely go towards research and travel expenses for the team. Nobody will be paid unless otherwise notified.

At this point there are no expectations except for kindness and good communication. But please do not express interest if you are not truly willing to contribute as a volunteer in some fashion.

I will post updates on this website occasionally about the progress of the research team and any plans that we make.

About Chris

I live in El Salvador and have considerable experience backpacking through Central America, including Panama. I’ve hiked through rainforest, climbed volcanoes and have seen countless Mayan ruins. I also speak Spanish and write about disappearance stories in Latin America.

I’m a software engineer with experience working in health care information systems.

For more information you can read my about page.

What To Do If You Are Interested

You can email me directly: Chris(at)

Or you can email me through the contact form.

I’ll need the following basic information:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Skype handle (or other means of contact)
  4. Skills that may be helpful
  5. A brief introduction is always nice

Keep in mind, there is no requirement for others to live in Central America. We live in a well connected world and travel is generally easy, when it is necessary.

If you wish for your information to be kept private, please let me know. I will respect your privacy. However, please know that this is a team effort and therefore it will likely be necessary for you to communicate with team members other than myself.

Thank you for your interest!