On November 14th and 15th was the “Million MAGA March” a major event in Washington DC that supporters of President Trump planned independently in order to show support for President Donald Trump and to demonstrate their concern for potential election fraud. Unfortunately, Trump’s supporters were attacked numerous times by Antifa, which are the left-wing agitators and rioters that have doing nationwide attacks and massive damage across the country this year.

Overall, the Million MAGA March was largely successful – bringing together Trump supporters and promoting their effort to make their voice heard. It’s estimated that more than 100,000 supporters attended, although it’s unclear exactly how many people attended. Their goal was to support President Trump, protest the election’s abnormal circumstances and put pressure on elected officials to investigate potential instances of voter fraud.

Million Maga March

Although there were a number of counter-protesters that stole and burned American flags and MAGA flags, the event continued. Things didn’t start heating up until the early evening, long after the event began earlier in the day.

I’m writing about this, not because I want to, but because the mainstream media has failed to cover these acts of violence and the story needs to be told.

Antifa Attacks During Million MAGA March

The Antifa attacks during the Million MAGA March resulted in numerous frustrating situations between protesters and counter-protesters. This comes at a time when tensions are high from the unresolved status of the United States presidential elections.

You won’t hear about Antifa attacks in the mainstream news. Instead, quite the opposite. The mainstream media is pointing at MAGA supporters as the agitators which further clarifies their gaping media bias and their powerful influence in the United States. I’ll discuss that more in a moment, but first, here are some attacks that were captured on video.

Andy Ngo is a well-known writer that publishes events on Twitter. He famously has been covering the Antifa attacks, so I’ll refer to his publications on Twitter.

First, we can see Antifa preparing to instigate fighting, with their shields placed on the ground. They arrived at this peaceful event with the intention of creating mayhem – otherwise, why bring shields?

As the day progressed, more and more attacks started happening. The video below appears to happen earlier in the evening, as the sun starts going down – a woman is punched hard in the back of the head.

In the video above, the woman that was attacked is holding something in her hands, which was presumably a handheld flagpole for a MAGA flag. Antifa and BLM are known for stealing flags by ripping them from the pole.

In the next Million MAGA March video, we can see an older man being physically assaulted while he’s trying to move his bike through a crowd. Here’s a second view as well. It’s interesting that the loud voice is saying “Get out of our fucking space!” … which makes little sense – this was an event put together by MAGA supporters.

In the video above, you can also hear on the loudspeaker “Put those camera’s away”. Antifa and BLM have been persistent in their desire not to be filmed on camera, fearing that it will hurt their image. They frequently steal people’s camera’s and tell their friends to “grab” other people’s cameras, as we can see in the next video:

Also, Antifa has their own “Press” that they supposedly use to capture the news. It’s more likely that they use “Press” as a guise not to be arrested when the police arrive. The police are less likely to arrest members of the press, although that’s changed as police are tired of guessing whom is legitimate press.

As we can see below, Antifa “Press” are often more involved in activism and protest than practicing actual journalism.

The Antifa “Press” person above is burning MAGA hats and other paraphernalia that were part of the event. President Trump’s catchphrase is “Make America Great Again”, which is visible on red MAGA hats.

In our next clip we can see members of Antifa and BLM attacking an elderly couple that were carrying a MAGA flag. They were attacked while leaving the Million MAGA March to go home.

The hatred and intolerance is strong in the video above. A woman grabs a man’s MAGA hat and throws it on the ground. You can hear them screaming numerous profanities, among other threatening language.

Below, we can see a family with children being taunted and harassed by Antifa. It’s unclear why Antifa would harass children. The children are obviously scared.

Bringing children to a political event is not a good idea. However, it was not obvious until later in the day, that Antifa and BLM would begin harassing people. President Donald Trump himself even made an appearance earlier in the day, shortly after the Million MAGA March started and conditions were safe.

In the clip below, we can see Antifa and BLM attacking restaurant patrons near “Black Lives Matter Plaza” in Washington DC. They threw rocks, glass and explosive projectiles at the restaurant guests.

In the next video you’ll see a young couple that’s getting attacked and threatened. Antifa attacks generated a significant amount of hostility and fear at the Million MAGA March.

Finally, in perhaps the most violent direct attack I’ve seen from the event, we can see a man get punched and his head slammed on the ground. He looks like he’s knocked out for a brief moment:

This video, given that it shows a man being beaten up, has also become controversial. I looked deeper into it and I found a video that showed clearly that he was charged up, being threatening, kicking, pushing counter-protesters and even kicked one while down. That violent behavior was uncalled for. He received some mob justice for that. You can also see a women stealing his phone after he gets knocked to the ground.

In another video angle of the same attack, you can see that he’s kicked repeatedly in the head and bleeding heavily from his nose.

This is what America has turned into, much thanks to the work of the toxic mainstream media that’s spreading corrosive stories and instigating hate between groups. From the constant bombardment from the media machine, it’s no surprise that these things are happening. But all of this would certainly come as a surprise to anyone relying on the mainstream news – the mainstream news won’t cover it.

Antifa attacks like these have been happening for months. Also, Michael Reinhoel, whom notably claimed that he was “100% Antifa” and acted as “security” for Antifa rioters, unapologetically killed a Trump supporter in cold blood earlier this year. In another instance, Philip Anderson, a free speech activist had his front teeth knocked out by an Antifa follower.

The Million MAGA March was a response to the dissatisfaction that many conservatives feel for the numerous inconsistencies and concerns relating to potential election fraud during the 2020 general elections. President Trump has been fighting, and mostly losing, court cases to defend his second term as United States President. It’s yet to be determined if he’ll be victorious, especially since his cases are working their way up to the supreme court.

Trump Supporters Landed Some Punches Too

In some counter-attacks, some Antifa members were met with hostility. Conservatives are usually out-numbered when they’re attacked. This was one of the first events where conservatives outnumbered Antifa and demonstrated that they weren’t willing to be bullied.

There weren’t many recorded instances of attacks against Antifa that I could find.

Here are a couple examples of MAGA supporters fighting back:

In the video below, it’s difficult to make out exactly what’s happening. It’s a brawl for sure. You see numerous people pushing others, punches being thrown and profanities being yelled. Things slowed down after police came to the scene, although tensions remained high.

In one situation, Trump supporters neutralized a homophobic Antifa supporter by shaming him for his hatred against gays. In the video below, you can hear Trump supporters chanting “We support gays!” and “Trump supports gays!”

Brandon Straka, whom published the video above, is a well known Trump supporter and gay influencer in social media circles online. He attended the Million Maga March. Brandon Straka has been targeted and harassed by leftist groups and some people in the gay community for sharing his Walk Away story. “Walk Away” implies walking away from the Democratic party due to recent events.

Antifa Has Made The USA Unsafe

Antifa has been emboldened by the support they’re receiving from the leftist mainstream news, and the Democrat’s whom have yet to condemn the actions of Antifa. This has been going on for a long time and Antifa’s been demonstrating an increase in strength, with growing numbers and an increase in violence.

Joe Biden, the contender to President Trump, has yet to condemn Antifa. In August, Biden condemned violence, rioting, looting and general lawlessness on one occasion this summer, but it was hardly covered in the news and the Antifa certainly missed the memo. Also, he was careful not to condemn Antifa itself.

Similarly, Kamala Harris, whom is Joe Biden’s Vice President pick, has been accused of inciting violence and showing further support of their behavior, as shown below:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ku_t-2LgkgM" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kamala Harris was, and continues to be, criticized heavily for these statements. “We should not let up” is akin to saying keep it up! It’s certainly not a condemnation, that’s for sure.

So, the violence continues.

American flags are being lit on fire, conservatives are being attacked, BLM is attacking Latinos, Trump supporters are being harassed with racial slurs. Now the left, notably AOC, wants a list of conservatives that support President Trump. This is a threat to conservatives, no different than “comply, or else”. Making lists and accusations of treason is a practice of McCarthysim, which historically has lead to social intolerance and violence.

These threats against conservatives are happening more and more recently. Conservatives are starting to push back and demand fair treatment, which can be noted from the Million MAGA March.

Antifa, Just “An Idea”…?

Antifa, for those who don’t know, means “anti-fascist”, although the followers of the Antifa movement have demonstrated mixed behaviors regarding anti-fascist principles. Arguably, nobody in the world except perhaps for neo-nazis actually like fascism. Fascism came from Hitler’s reign of power, which was unpopular to say the least.

But just because a person is against fascism, does that make them “Antifa”…?

No. Certainly not. I consider myself against fascism, but my values do not align with Antifa. They’re left wing anarchists that spread hate, intolerance and violence. I’m against fascism, but I combat it in ways that do not align with Antifa attacks. I am anti-authoritarian, regardless of which political side it comes from.

After Antifa started it’s anarchist demonstrations and riots around the country, Joe Biden stated “antifa is just an idea”. But is it? There’s clearly more to it than that. Antifa has become a clever cloak for the left to accomplish their dirty work, without claiming responsibility.

Now, all conservatives are being labelled as fascist. Even black conservatives, latino conservatives and gay conservatives. The mainstream media is pushing this narrative and common people that watch the news are struggling to distinguish between conservativism and fascism.

The Complete Failure of Mainstream News

As I’ve written about before, there is a huge hole in mainstream news in the United States. It’s rather frustrating. Personally, I don’t like writing about politics. Politics has become a political swamp of toxic and corrosive discussion that makes us all less educated.

But I must write about it occasionally, especially during important circumstances when the mainstream continues to misrepresent the news. I feel that I need to document what is happening. The mainstream media is destroying the country, probably in the interest of DC elites that doesn’t like President Trump trampling on their power parade.

The MAGA March had been planned for approximately a week before the event took place. It’s been discussed on Social Media heavily. The news media had plenty of time to prepare to cover the story. Yet, you’ll see very little of these events covered.

Abusing Their Influence

It’s important to note that the Coronavirus has been tremendously divisive in politics, especially with regard to the United States’ election. With time, the mainstream news has even referred to Trump’s legal battles as an attempted coup, something that I’ve discussed before.

I live internationally. I live in El Salvador and I see what the local news says about news in the United States. Similarly, I see what the mainstream news says about news in El Salvador. There is a significant disconnect. It shocked me when I started comparing stories. The mainstream news, such as CNN, the NYT, Washington Post, are all abusing their powerful and influential positions.

This behavior from the mainstream news needs to stop. Many people have started searching for alternative sources for news information since the mainstream players can no longer be trusted. Some are turning to Twitter to hear directly from independent journalists. Some are turning to AP News. Some conservatives are trying Newsmax, especially after Fox News started losing viewers.

Thank you for reading.