The list of Doctors speaking out about Coronavirus is growing. Doctors are starting to publicly speak out about their Covid19 findings. These brave warriors in scrubs are saving lives and informing the public, even while simultaneously experiencing various levels of criticism.

We as humans are heavily relying on their expertise, experience, and the information they provide to us. Inversely, Doctors are also depending on the public to support them and share their message, especially at a time when doctors are being fired for publicizing their dangerous work conditions.

The List of Coronavirus Doctors That Have Gone Public

Some of the physicians mentioned below are prescribing hydroxychloroquine to patients. Some are speaking out about the inconsistencies of published death rates. Other Doctors are questioning the legitimacy of the virus altogether. Every Doctor mentioned below is unique in their message.

I’ve organized this information to put the power in your hands, for you to investigate and ultimately decide what you think about the messages from these Doctors.

Note: This list is in table format. It’s easiest to view the entire table below on a desktop computer.

Expert’s NameExpertiseCountryWhy They’re ControversialAdditional Notes:Link To More Information:
Dr. Li WenliangOphthalmologistChinaDr. Li was silenced by the Chinese Police after alerting other physicians of the new virus.He later died after contracting the virus. China’s authorities issued an apology to his family.Link To Article >
Dr. Daniel W. Erickson and Dr. Artin MassihEmergency Services, Family MedicineUSAVarious claims. See article for video.YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo have removed their video interview. Link To Article >
Annalisa ChiusoloMedical ScientistItalyClaims to have discovered the mechanism behind Cororonavirus.Also, she stated that hydroxychloroquine could be a cure.Link To Article >
Dr. Vladimir ZelenkoFamily DoctorUSAPrescribing hydroxychloroquineClaims to have cured hundreds of patients by prescribing hydroxychloroquineLink To Article >
Dr. Jennings StaleyInternal Medicine Physician, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement ExpertUSASelling coronavirus “treatment packs”.Arrested by the FBI for mail fraud. Denies charges. Awaiting hearing.Link To Article >
Dr. Anthony CardilloEmergency Medicine SpecialistUSAPrescribing hydroxychloroquineHe’s seeing success.Link To Article >
Dr. Robin ArmstrongStaff DoctorUSAPrescribing hydroxychloroquineHe’s seeing success.Link To Article >
Dr. Daniel McQuillenSenior Physician in the Division of Infectious DiseasesUSAPrescribing hydroxychloroquineHe said “The drug seems to have antiviral activity – how much is as yet unclear”Link To Article >
Dr. Marlow HernandezCEO at Cano Health in MiamiUSAPrescribing hydroxychloroquineSaid he’s very supportive of using it in a clinical setting.Link To Article >
Dr. Naresh PatelFamily MedicineUSAPrescribing hydroxychloroquineHe said that virtually 100 percent of suspected COVID-19 cases are receiving hydroxychloroquine as part of their daily treatment regimen, though he said it remains unclear whether it is helping.Link To Article >
Dr. Steven TornikFamily PhysicianUSAPrescribing hydroxychloroquineHe claims he sees “About 70 percent to 80 percent improvement in 24 hours and then gradual improvement over the next few days.”Link To Article >
Dr. Rashid A. ButtarOsteopathic PhysicianUSAClaims vaccines are often dangerous.Also discusses many suspicious circumstances surrounding Covid-19.Link To Video >
Dr. Cameron Kyle-SidellCritical Care Doctor, Intensive CareUSAClaims that ventilators may cause more harm than benefit.After posting his video on YouTUbe, many other Doctors reduced the use of ventilators.Link To Video >

Related Article >
Judy Mikovits, PhDFormer AIDS Scientist, Virologist, PhDUSAClaims that Dr Fauci defrauded other important DoctorsIn her video interview with Patrick Bet-David, she shares her story.Was banned by YouTube. New Link To Video >
Dr. Joseph FairVirologist, EpidemiologistUSAClaims he contracted the virus through his eyes.He received the virus on a flight and was using mouth and nose protection.Related Article >
Dr. Knut WittkowskiBiostatistician, Epidemiologist, CEO of Asdera LLCUSAClaims herd immunity cannot work by social distancing.A YouTube video was recently banned/censored by YourTube.Related Article >

This list is constantly growing. More doctors are going public with their findings and data. This list shows many doctors are being censored by YouTube and other tech companies. I’ll do my best to update the information if it changes, but it’s important for me to mention that it’s very difficult to keep up with the constant flow of information coming from doctors, health organizations and governments.

A New Covid-19 Trend: Hospitals Are Policing Doctors

Recently, more doctors have been speaking out against Coronavirus. They’re sharing information about insufficient PPE, coronavirus treatments, success rates, and more. But they’re being censored for sharing any information:

“Because information related to coronavirus is constantly evolving, it is in the best interest of our staff and the institution that only those with the most updated information are permitted to address these issues with the media”

NYU’s Langone Medical Center

Naturally, the statements above would give anyone mixed feelings. It’s a very polite way to tell doctors to shut up and do their jobs. These doctors are some of the most educated and informed professionals in our country. And doctors are our lifeline to life itself and important information. Building trust is about sharing important information, for better or for worse, whether it aligns with the status quo or not. And now hospitals are policing doctors, even firing them if they don’t follow their employer’s orders.

Hospitals are playing a very risky game. Doctors are an important part of our society that can help us make decisions regarding our health. If their advice differs from mainstream advice, I believe they have a right to speak, and we as patients have a right to hear them. Undoubtedly, this is a concerning trend.

Doctors being silenced is a new development that the world has seen during the Coronavirus. Censorship usually comes from governments and authorities. Now it’s coming from hospitals themselves. Let us all hope that the list of coronavirus doctors continues to grow from doctors speaking out and informing the public.

A Recent Survey On Hydroxychloroquine

An important survey was recently conducted by Sermo, a global health care polling company. They surveyed 6,227 physicians in 30 countries. Sermo found that 37% of those treating COVID-19 patients rated hydroxychloroquine as the “most effective therapy” from a list of 15 options.

Of the physicians surveyed, 3,308 said they had either ordered a COVID-19 test or been involved in caring for a coronavirus patient. Of those 3,308 that responded, 2,171 asking the question asking which medications were most effective. In other words, the 37% administering hydroxychloroquine was based on the 2,171 responses.

Flattening The Curve Is No Longer The Goal

At first we were all told that the goal was to flatten the curve. And that worked. During the initial spike in Coronavirus cases, hospitals in some regions of the world became overwhelmed. But that has changed. Now that the initial spike in cases has slowed, hospitals have less patients and numerous empty beds.

So what is the goal regarding Covid19?

Is the goal to stay on lockdown until there’s a vaccine? Given the circumstances, that’s impossible. Hunger and starvation are already taking their toll due to Coronavirus. Famine Flags are going up all over Latin America. People worldwide have lost their jobs and resources are largely diminished. Money is running tight. And, will anyone actually trust a vaccine?

At this point, Bill Gates has put us all in a position of questioning the credibility of a vaccine. Not only was Microsoft program involved in the PRISM Program, but now his virus testing facilities appear to be running without authorization.

Bill Gates In Hot Water Over Unauthorized Coronavirus Testing

Bill Gates has gotten himself into hot water. The FDA recently halted a Seattle-based COVID-19 testing program known as “SCAN”, until they’ve received the proper permissions to perform testing. The FDA states:

“Please discontinue patient testing and return of diagnostic results to patients until proper authorization is obtained”

It appears that SCAN was operating without the proper authorizations. SCAN is a private testing facility backed by Gates, and stands for “Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network“. SCAN is backed by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the University of Washington Medicine and other organizations.

Also, in Italy a member of parliament has requested the arrest of Bill Gates. Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. She claims that his nefarious activity regarding vaccines has lead to millions of deaths, much of which was kept quiet through the exchange of vast amounts of money.

A Final Word

Please note that I am not a Doctor myself. I do not offer medical advice. I do not endorse, nor advise, any of the information provided by these health professionals.

This list is merely a central resource for myself and my readers to investigate controversial advice given by licensed physicians and medical professionals, during a time that the world is searching for answers to the Covid19 Pandemic.

If you feel that any other Doctors should be added to this list, please post a comment below.