A new book will be published in 2021 about the disappearance case of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. The book will be published in Dutch, with the title being “Verloren In De Jungle: De Mysterieuze verdwijning van Kris en Lisanne in Panama“, which translates to: “Lost In The Jungle: The Mysterious disappearance of Kris and Lisanne in Panama“.

I’m unsure of a specific release date, but Romain, whom is part of my research team, told me that the book is expected to be released around April or May of 2021.

The authors of the book are Marja West, Jürgen Snoeren, and co-author Betzaida Pitti. The book is expected to have some new details about the case, especially considering that Betzaida Pitti was a co-author.

Progress updates from the publisher can be found on:

The websites also share some blog articles that give some interesting insights into their work and the book.

Lost In The Jungle – Verloren In De Jungle

The announcement of the book release was published online. One of the authors published this information on Reddit:

“This book is our search for the truth, we spoke to people involved – in Panama and The Netherlands, to experts on the field of survival, photo shopping (Adobe master), behavior, getting lost. To journalists, forensic experts and forensic psychiatrists. To Panamanian and Dutch people that were involved in the search parties, private investigators and finally with Betzaïda Pitti. We had access to the police file (over 2000 pages), the original photo’s, autopsy reports and so on, and held every theory against the many witness declarations and the facts.”

“…and yes, we had access to the full set of original photos and have held theories about these pictures and the exif data against the facts.”

“By full set of photo’s we mean all the photo’s including the exif data. What [is publicly] circulating is just a part of it.”

Marja West, Author – Post on Reddit

The fact that the authors had access to so many pieces of information in the investigation will surely provide for some interesting conclusions.

Co-Author: Betzaida Pitti Cerrud

Betzaida Pitti was the chief prosecutor of the disappearance case of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon. Eventually Betzaida was replaced by Hernán Mora at a time when the case was very chaotic and before the case had closed.

I previously wrote about Betzaida Pitti in a few articles. You can find her information on the Reference Guide which I organized to take notes on everyone involved in the case.

Pitti co-authored this book, which we can assume means that the book is going to share a lot of information that wasn’t previously available to the public. At the very least we’ll get to read some new perspectives.

The Parents Involvement

The parents of Kris and Lisanne weren’t directly involved with the new book. However, I did find a quote from one of the authors:

“The parents as a rule give no specific permission for any article, book or documentary, and they haven’t in this case. We have given them the possibility to read it before publication though and we will take care not to include personal effects of the girls, such as their diaries, in the book. We are in fairly regular contact with their intermediaries and made a promise not too include any information about them that would be too personal, damaging or not relevant to the case.

Author Jürgen Snoeren – User gaspodes on Reddit

I’m glad they’re respecting the wishes of the family of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon.

English Version & Details

There are still no official plans for the book to be translated to English. Unfortunately, this means that we must wait for the publishers to release an English version of the book, or wait for someone that follows the case to translate the entire book from Dutch to English.

Here are the ISBN numbers for the book:

  • ISBN-10 : 900037216X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-9000372164

Here are two sites I found that you can pre-order the book:

I’m looking forward to reading the book.

Disappearance Case Information

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