Buying real estate in El Salvador is difficult. It’s a mess of a process. The legal infrastructure here is limited, the market isn’t well established and cultural norms make it difficult to identify and buy any real estate. I’ve been going through the process and I haven’t even begun the […]

The Challenges of Buying Property & Real Estate In El ...

I’m going to be honest…long distance relationships suck. They’re difficult for anyone. It takes a person a tremendous amount of strength to survive a long-distance relationship. You learn a lot about yourself and your partner when there’s distance between you. Before I met Stephanie while backpacking Central America, I never […]

Long Distance Relationships Are Not For The Weak

I’m a citizen of the United States, and I’m a resident of El Salvador. After moving to El Salvador a year ago, in October of 2018, I applied for residency. The process took approximately 2 months and 5 visits to the immigration office with my Spanish-speaking girlfriend. I couldn’t have […]

Residency vs Citizenship in El Salvador

I’m originally from the United States. Since I moved to El Salvador, I have observed a lot of key differences to that of the USA. I’ll get to specifics in a moment, but generally speaking, living in El Salvador is that of typical caribbean/latin culture. Things here are comparable to […]

Day To Day Life Of A Foreigner in El Salvador

Working as a programmer is sometimes a great job and sometimes it’s a terrible job. A lot of it depends on who you work with and how well you work together. Working at University of California Davis as a privacy and security analyst, the job is great in many ways. […]

Working in Tech in California as a Programmer

Today I went Volcano boarding in Leon, Nicaragua. It was an incredible experience. Apparently there are only two places in the world that you can go Volcano boarding. Once place is in asia and the other is obviously here in Nicaragua. I started off the day by walking to the […]

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua