Today I paid the hostel first thing in the morning and discussed plans to go to Sumidero Canyon tomorrow with the travelers I met yesterday. It’s 350 pesos (about $17USD) and that includes transportation and visiting the oldest town in Chiapas, the state I’m currently in. Tonight I’m seeing Chio […]

Day 43 – Planning For Canon de Sumidero

Slept in. Still trying to get over this damn cold. Walked 15 minutes to Chedraui (Supermarket near the cinemas). Bought 600 Pesos worth of groceries – that’s a lot of food! A lot of fresh vegetables, some meat (hamburger, chorizo and chicken nuggets), some Cooked dinner – self made tacos. […]

Day 42 – Grocery Shopping & Delicious Food

Slept a lot. This cold is really sucking up my energy even thought I Moved to Puerta Vieja for free drinks tonight with friends. Heading back to Luna Nueva tomorrow. Slept more. Computer work. Had drinks at the property. Free sangria, mojitos and pina coladas. Met some really cool people, […]

Day 41 – Sleep, Computer Work & Free Drinks