I always though the project of building a house sounded cool. I have alot of experience building things with wood, some minor experience with concrete, some work experience working at lumber yards, but I’ve never built a house. But I’ve always thought it would be an awesome experience. I never […]

Learning About Home Construction in Latin America

I love my family and I miss them often. I wouldn’t voluntarily live in the USA again, as I’ve mentioned, I find the USA to be tremendously boring. But I do appreciate the visits I get to see my family. And it’s somewhat refreshing to visit the USA sometimes, because […]

Visiting My Family in New England (Near Boston)

When people visit El Salvador for the first time, they often visit Playa El Tunco. While it’s a beautiful beach that’s particularly attractive to many surfers, it has very rocky beaches. It’s not feet friendly. In fact, it’s not really even friendly for sandals. The rocks make walking the beach […]

Sandy Beaches of El Salvador: Costa Del Sol

Buying real estate in El Salvador is difficult. It’s a mess of a process. The legal infrastructure here is limited, the market isn’t well established and cultural norms make it difficult to find and buy any real estate. I’ve been going through the process trying to find a property and […]

The Challenges of Buying Property & Real Estate In El ...

I’m a citizen of the United States, and I’m a resident of El Salvador. After moving to El Salvador a year ago, in October of 2018, I applied for residency. The process took approximately 2 months and 5 visits to the immigration office with my Spanish-speaking girlfriend. I couldn’t have […]

Residency vs Citizenship in El Salvador

I’m originally from the United States. Since I moved to El Salvador in 2018, I have observed a lot of key differences to that of the USA. I’ll get to specifics in a moment, but generally speaking, living in El Salvador is that of typical caribbean/latin culture. Things here are […]

Day To Day Life Of A Foreigner in El Salvador