There are four main beers from El Salvador. I updated this number from three because I found Tourino recently, which is also from El Salvador. All four of these beers are quite enjoyable. We’ll start with number four: 4. Golden Golden is like the Pabst Blue Ribbon of El Salvador. […]

4 Beers From El Salvador You Should Try

El Salvador has dense jungles, ample sunlight and occasional heavy rain that feeds the rainforest the water it needs to thrive. And thrive it does! Many of the plants here look like they’re straight from the ages of dinosaurs. As a resident of El Salvador that loves the outdoors, I’m […]

8 Exotic Flowers of Central America – El Salvador

They don’t. Well, at least between 70-80% of travel blogs don’t make money. I’m literally learning this as I write. I’ve never monetized a travel blog, including this one. This travel blog, has never earned a penny since I started it 3 years ago. In fact, I’ve sunk money […]

How Do Travel Blogs Make Money?

I originally wrote about travel blogging a while back. Please allow me to use this opportunity to vent (again) about how it’s difficult. I love to complain about this occasionally, similar to anyone that has to do any form of tedious work. It’s a dream for anyone to be able […]

Why is Travel Blogging so Hard?

Before I backpacked through Central America, I naively thought that all food in Central America is somewhat similar to Mexican food. It’s not. While Mexico is a leader in influencing latin culture, especially in Central America, each country has it’s own styles, culture and unique tastes. All of the countries […]

What is food like in El Salvador?

Before I visited El Salvador, I didn’t know what pupusas are. In the United States, Mexican food has been infused into our culture. Tacos and burritos are well known. But food from El Salvador? It’s not well known. Pupusas, pronounced “poopoo’sus”, are a part of everyday life here in El […]

What are pupusas?