We left Motozinthla, Mexico at about 10AM after taking showers, eating the remaining food she had and packing our bags. For the day, we travelled for a total of about 8┬áhours, taking Colectivo’s (small community vans) and then taking Chicken Busses once we got to the border. Stopped in Frontera, […]

Day 62 – Frontera to Huehuetenango, Guatemala

There’s not too much to comment on today. Chio and I had a seafood dinner at a nice restaurant today. Prices were good and the food was awesome. Drinks (mine didn’t come yet but I got a lemonade): Tostadas which we both had: Main dish: It was nice to take […]

Day 61 – Relax & Seafood Dinner

Today not much eventful happened. I went and got lab tests done. There’s a number of laboratories pretty much everywhere in Mexico because people have stomach issues frequently and need to get tested. I had my blood and stool tested. Pooping into a cup and handing it to a stranger […]

Day 58 – Lab Tests & Sangria at Esperanza’s