When I moved to El Salvador a lot of people started asking me what life is like in El Salvador. My friends and family in the United States tend to imagine that it’s like living in the Amazon jungle or living in Mexico, or something between the two. It makes […]

What life is like in El Salvador (My Experience)

The story of Andy Lovos is a very recent story that has evolved over the past week here in El Salvador. For those new to this website, I moved to El Salvador from the United States in 2018 to live with my girlfriend whom is from El Salvador. I only […]

The Complete Story of Andy Lovos in El Salvador

Living in a developing foreign country presents a lot of day-to-day challenges. Resources are limited and unplanned inconveniences often unexpectedly arise. For example, oftentimes there’s simply no public water – the faucet simply doesn’t work at our house. Or, want hot water? Boiling it is sometimes the only option. Need […]

The Dilemma of a Foreigner – Impacting Change

When people think of “Day of the Dead”, or “Dia de los Muertos” (in Spanish), they often think of Mexico. However, this celebratory holiday is not specific to Mexico. This day is celebrated by many latin cultures through-out Central America, including El Salvador where I live. Do they celebrate Day […]

Celebrating Day Of The Dead in El Salvador – Dia ...

I’ve come across a very interesting observation recently of how things work here in El Salvador. As my readers know, I’m always interested in economics and the inner social workings of communities and society at large. I moved to El Salvador approximately a year ago. This recent enlightening experience pertains […]

Lessons I Learned About Charitable Giving In El Salvador

When I recently wrote the blog article “Local Coffee in El Salvador“, I started wondering more about the Cacahuatique mountain region of eastern El Salvador. That’s where the most expensive coffee (green coffee) of El Salvador comes from. The high altitude of Cacahuatique region (>5,000 feet) gives farmers the rare […]

The Sociedad Cooperativa de Ciudad Barrios – Local Economics