Today I didn’t do much. I wanted to go surfing but I have a lot of computer work to do. So instead, I hung out at the hotel I’m staying at (hotel/hostel mix). I had a few beers while doing computer work and jammed out to my favorite playlist for […]

Day 67 – Computer Work At Papaya’s Lodge

Today I woke up at 7:00. I ate some ramen noodles and a banana. I couldn’t cook anything but I needed a quick/cheap meal since I had to prepare for the bus ride and was limited on Quetzales. I didn’t want to go to the bank since I’m going to […]

Day 66 – Traveling to El Salvador

Woke up early took a shower. Walked into town, took some more pictures. Here I am in front of the Volcano Agua and the Santa Catalina Arch: Ate breakfast. Had freshly squeezed orange juice (which is really the only way it’s drank here) had a breakfast muffin (like an English […]

Day 65 – Chio Leaving & Three Monkeys Hostel