I’m literally learning this as I write. I’ve never monetized a travel blog, including this one. This travel blog, ImperfectPlan.com has never earned a penny since I started it 3 years ago. In fact, I’ve sunk money into it (it’s cost me money). I write this blog simply because I […]

How Do Travel Blogs Make Money?

I originally wrote about travel blogging a while back. Please allow me to use this opportunity to vent (again) about how it’s difficult. I love to complain about this occasionally, similar to anyone that has to do any form of tedious work. It’s a dream for anyone to be able […]

Why is Travel Blogging so Hard?

Before I backpacked through Central America, I thought that all food in Central America is similar to Mexican food. It’s not. While Mexico is a leader in influencing latin culture, especially in Central America, each country has it’s own style, culture and unique tastes. All of the countries have different […]

What is food in El Salvador like?

Before I visited El Salvador, I didn’t know what pupusas are. In the United States, Mexican food has been infused into our culture. Tacos and burritos are well known. But food from El Salvador? It’s not well known. Pupusas, pronounced “poopoo’sus”, are a part of everyday life here in El […]

What are pupusas?

Horchata is a beverage available in central america and some south american countries. Horchata differs depending on which country you buy it in because different ingredients can be used to make horchata. For example, in Mexico horchata is based on rice. In El Salvador, horchata doesn’t contain rice. Instead, it […]

What is Horchata?

I’m not a coffee connoisseur, nor an expert on the various types of coffee of the world. That said, I’m fairly knowledgable of coffee through-out Central America. Traveling the continent and living in El Salvador has exposed me to a lot of different brands of local coffee that I otherwise […]

Local Coffee In El Salvador